A Shepard's Protection

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A Shepard’s Protection has a mission to retro-fit portable fire extinguishers with their revolutionary hardware, giving people with disabilities the means to use a portable fire extinguisher as their first line of defense.

A Shepard’s Protection has invented and patented a retro-fit kit for existing commercial grade ABC Dry Chemical and Water Can Fire Extinguishers to accommodate the disabled.

Anyone with a disability such as, Amputations, Stroke, Birth Defects specific to: Arms, Hands, Fingers or Dexterity will be able to use an extinguisher as their first line of defense with retro-fitted hardware from A Shepard’s Protection.

Reference Patent #10702727B2

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Let's Stop This Disability Rights Violation And Provide Fire Extinguisher Usability For The Disabled

Let’s stop this gross violation of disability rights and start accommodating the usability of a fire extinguisher for the disabled as per the NFPA 10, which states a fire extinguisher is YOUR first line of defense against a fire.

To get more details about A Shepard’s Protection please fill out the form and we will have the correct department reach back out to you. 

Time is of the essence now that we are aware! A Shepard’s Protection has positioned itself as the solution to a major crisis that has been overlooked. We are looking for partners to work together to save lives by licensing our kits for manufacturers to:

  1. Save Lives
  2. Stay Compliant
  3. Support Our Veterans
  4. Provide Education

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