Why the Fatal Oversight & How Millions of Disabled People Are Affected?


A Fire Every 42 Seconds

Homes today have dozens of small appliances, and all of them are potential fire hazards. In the United States, there are over 1,000 house fires reported every day. It is more than likely at some point you will be confronted with a fire. You may have to fight the flames before the fire department can get there. In case of a house fire, every second counts. A fire can become critical in less than 2 minutes and the whole house can be engulfed in flames in just 5 minutes. Having the right equipment is vital.

Every Life Counts

There are an estimated 43 million disabled people in America. They face unique challenges in fire emergencies and are more likely to die during a fire. Many disabilities prevent people from taking actions ahead of time without the help of a caregiver, friend, or relative. People who have had amputations, strokes, or birth defects that affect their arms, hands, finger dexterity, or decreased strength in their grip have more difficulty putting out fires. The risk of mortality only increases with age.


Fighting Fires at Home

Most people typically use a portable fire extinguisher to put out these small fires. There isn’t much of a problem and often the local fire department is never called. However, if you or someone you love has a physical disability, using a fire extinguisher is problematic. The likelihood of a fatal fire increases if there is a disability involved. A disability does not mean you can’t keep your family safe. However, it does mean you need to have accommodations that can help you if a fire starts in your home.

Kitchen Hazards

Cooking is the leading cause of fires involving individuals with physical disabilities. A fire extinguisher is your first line of defense, per the NFPA 10. A portable fire extinguisher undoubtedly saves lives. In the event of a fire, quick intervention prevents extensive property damage. The use of an extinguisher can help contain the flames until the fire department arrives. Having a portable fire extinguisher in the home is always recommended. But, properly using one can be cumbersome for those with physical disabilities. Using the PASS System is at present the proper way for an abled bodied individual to use a fire extinguisher. However, using the PASS System is difficult for a disabled person to perform as it requires the use of both hands, arms, fingers, and a certain amount of strength and dexterity to pull the pin, hold the lever, and discharge the extinguishing agent.

Limitations of Fire Technology

We have come a long way in developing state-of-the-art alarms designed to help people with disabilities. A portable extinguisher is the first line of defense to protect your home against a fire, per NFPA 10. However, portable fire extinguishers are still difficult and frequently impossible for people with disabilities to use. The standard configuration of commercial grade portable fire extinguishers is not compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act and Department of Justice standards for people with disabilities.

The Urgent Need to Address the Fatal Oversight

There is an urgent need to  resolve this fatal oversight. Which is a fire extinguisher that includes the disabled people, so that they too can also use a fire extinguisher as a first line of defense against a fire. There is nothing currently on the market of commercial grade that provides a disabled person the usability of a portable fire extinguisher that  addresses this specific need. How is this problem being addressed? A Shepard’s Protection has the solution. This invention addresses the unique challenges of people with disabilities. For the first time in history there is a portable fire extinguisher retrofit kit that meets the standards for Americans with Disabilities.

A Shepard’s Protection is a revolutionary device that is a retrofit kit onto an existing portable extinguisher to accommodate people with aforementioned disabilities. This device allows people with disabilities the means to use a portable fire extinguisher as their first line of fire defense. The goal of A Shepard’s Protection is to offer the use of a fire extinguisher as their first line of defense for those living with a disability. Per the NFPA 10, it is the best solution to a variety of scenarios that might befall the disabled.

The Protective Solution

A Shepard’s Protection retrofit kit used along with a portable fire extinguisher that contains ABC dry chemicals and water is effective against fires involving paper, wood, textiles, plastics, flammable liquid, and electrical fires. The ease of use allows those with disabilities to contain small house fires, saving lives, and thousands of dollars in damage. This extraordinary invention is the answer to aid people with disabilities to keep their families and themselves safe.

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